Sdf To Table





sdf2table [-m ma[-s] [-i sdf-definition] [-o parse-table]


The utility sdf2table generates a parse table from an SDF syntax definition.

The syntax definition is required to be in the SDF2 format.


input and output
-i file input from file (default: all file arguments)
-o file output to file (default: inputfile.tbl)
-m name parse table is generated for module name (default: Main)
output format
-b   write output in Binary AsFix (BAF) format
-t   write output in plain text format
control operation
-n   only normalization of grammar
-s   check sdf definition and show warnings on stderr
runtime information
-l   display statistic information
-v   verbose mode
meta information
-h   display help information (usage)
-V   reveal program version (i.e. 1.13)

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