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2008-06-10 Terence Parr - author of ANTLR - visits CWI to present ongoing work on grammar reuse.

2008-06-09 SDF 2.6.2 source released - a special intermediate release that solves licensing issues.

2008-03-11 http://www.syntax-definition.org is now the official website for SDF. New releases and documentation will be published by the maintainers of SDF on this site.

2008-02-29 SDF 2.6 was released. This release contains several bugfixes and an improved parsing algorithm based on 'RNGLR'. It was released early to facilitate the possible inclusion of SDF in Eclipse IMP. This is now being evaluated.

2007-11-26 Updated the SDF website with new release info. In the meantime much has happened.

  • SDF 2.5.1 has been released.
  • Rob Economopoulos has refactored and documented the C implementation of SGLR.
  • Rob Economopoulos and Jurgen Vinju have fitted the RNGLR algorithm into SGLR.
  • Karl Trygve Kalleberg has started on a Java version of SGLR.
  • Meta-Environment splitted sdf-meta package of ASF+SDF Meta-Environment to make it ASF independent.

2005-11-04 SDF2 Bundle 2.3.3 is now available. This is a minor update, fixing some compilation issues at GCC 4.0.x.

2005-08-26 SDF2 Bundle 2.3.2 is now available! This release fixes some issues of the previous SDF2 Bundle releases with the new ATerm library. As usual, you can download the source tarball, RPM, or binary packages for Cygwin and Mac OS X.

2005-02-09 Added Sdf2Haskell and HaGLR to the SDF software page.

2005-01-10 SDF2 Bundle 2.3 is now available! As usual, you can download the source tarball, RPM, or binary packages for Cygwin and Mac OS X.

2004-07-04 SDF2 Bundle 2.2 is now available as source tarball, RPM and binary packages for Cygwin and Mac OS X.

2004-05-30 SDF2 Bundle 2.1 is now available. This is an easy to install (tarball, rpm and source rpm) bundle of SDF related packages in the ASF+SDF MetaEnvironment 1.5.

2004-05-10 ASF+SDF MetaEnvironment 1.5 has been released. This release includes updates of the SDF packages, namely PGEN 2.1 and SGLR 3.11, featuring improved error reporting, much clearer definition of start symbols, and miscellaneous further simplifications of SDF. (announcement).

Paper: 'Concrete syntax for objects' describes the MetaBorg approach, which is based on SDF and Stratego, to embedding and assimilation of domain-specific languages in a host language illustrated with several extensions of Java. (Accepted for OOPSLA'04.)


http://syntax-definition.org points to the SDF web!


Created some minimal topics in effort to start providing an overview of the available information on SDF.


PGEN 2.0 has been released. This release kicks off the simplication of SDF2 by removing unnecessary and unclear features from the language. (announcement)


Creation of WebNews for default web