Sdf Related Software


Related Software

This page lists known third-party software that is available for SDF


* The SDF Meta-Environment is an IDE for SDF. It is currently not released separatedly from the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment. Contact us if this is needed. * The ASF+SDF Meta-Environment is an IDE for ASF+SDF. This IDE can be used as an IDE for SDF.

Grammar manipulation

* SDF weaver is a tool for merging production attributes into a grammar.

Code Generation

* ApiGen generates C or Java APIs from an SDF syntax definition.

* Strafunski and Sdf2Haskell provide support for generic programming and language processing in the functional programming language Haskell. Sdf2Haskell implements the derivation of algebraic datatypes from SDF syntax definitions. The Haskell ATerm library can be used to import the results of the SGLR parser.

* HaGLR is an implementation of Generalized LR parsing in Haskell, and also implements an SDF front-end, which is an extension of the Sdf2Haskell generator.

* Repleo is a template based code generated based on SDF which features static syntactic correctness.

Pretty-Printer Generation

* GPP is a collection of tools for pretty-printing and pretty-printer generation. It supports the SDF syntax definition formalism. GPP is part of StrategoXT. * Pandora is a pretty printing tool for SDF parse trees. It is included in the 2.6 release of SDF. Older versions are part of The Meta-Environment


* parse-unit is a tool for unit-testing SDF syntax definitions. It is part of StrategoXT.


* SdfMetz -- A SDF monitoring tool. From the website: "is a tool to support grammar engineering. It calculates metrics and performs miscellaneus analyzes (like output the grammar graph or view the non-singleton levels of a grammar). This tool was implemented to fill the gap of grammar measuring and analyzes tools." * Meta-Environment contains a set of SDF metrics and visualizations, as inspired by SdfMetz.