Generalized LR



A parsing algorithm that maintains multiple LR parsing states in parallel.

From Object Oriented Tree Traversal With JJForester :

GeneralizedLR parsing removes the restriction to a non-ambiguous subclass of the context-free grammars, such as the LR(k) class. This allows a maximally natural expression of the intended syntax; no more need for `bending over backwards' to encode the intended grammar in a restricted subclass. Furthermore, generalized parsing leads to better modularity and allows `as-is' syntax reuse.


Implementations of GLR using a separate scanner

Implementations of Scannerless Generalized LR

  • SGLR is a Scannerless Generalized LR parser
  • DParser is Scannerless Generalized LR parser generator.

The maintainers of Elkhound maintain a list of implementations as well.

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