SDF: Modular Syntax Definition Formalism
The SDF parser generator and SGLR are developed at the SEN1 group at CWI and University of Amsterdam.

Reporting Bugs

The SDF bugzilla system is located here. Use the package 'sglr' and 'pgen' to report bugs in the core SDF system. 'sdf-meta' for IDE bugs and 'unknown' if you just don't know.



SDF is an open source project, originating from CWI in the Netherlands as part of The Meta-Environment. It is an independent piece of software now, developed by and contributed to by several people from CWI, TU Eindhoven, TU Delft and others.

The current developers/maintainers are:

  • PGEN (SDF parse table generator)
    • Rob Economopoulos
    • Mark van den Brand
    • Jurgen Vinju

  • SGLR (SDF parse table interpreter, "the parser")
    • Rob Economopoulos
    • Jurgen Vinju
    • Mark van den Brand

Also not that SDF depends on other open source software such as the ATerm library and the UPTR (pt-support) parse forest representation library.


  • Merijn de Jonge
  • Paul Klint
  • Eelco Visser
  • Jeroen Scheerder
  • Karl Trygve Kalleberg

Also not that previous versions of SDF (as implemented in Centaur LISP) have been done by other people: