SDF: Modular Syntax Definition Formalism
The SDF parser generator and SGLR are an open source project, released with a BSD license.

Reporting Bugs

The SDF bugzilla system is located here. Use the package 'sglr' and 'pgen' to report bugs in the core SDF system. 'sdf-meta' for IDE bugs and 'unknown' if you just don't know.



SDF is an open source project, originating from CWI in the Netherlands as part of The Meta-Environment. It is an independent piece of software now, developed by and contributed to by several people from CWI, TU Eindhoven, TU Delft and others.

The current developers/maintainers are:

  • PGEN (SDF parse table generator)
    • Rob Economopoulos
    • Mark van den Brand
    • Jurgen Vinju

  • SGLR (SDF parse table interpreter, "the parser")
    • Rob Economopoulos
    • Jurgen Vinju
    • Mark van den Brand

Also not that SDF depends on other open source software such as the ATerm library and the UPTR (pt-support) parse forest representation library.


  • Merijn de Jonge
  • Paul Klint
  • Eelco Visser
  • Jeroen Scheerder
  • Karl Trygve Kalleberg

Also not that previous versions of SDF (as implemented in Centaur LISP) have been done by other people: