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MVCDC2004 Mapping Of Domain Space To Solution Space

*Software Variability Management*
For now we have only the raw discussion protocol here.

Type and Mechanism of Variation

solution vs. problem space

types of variation in problem space:

offerted by feature models: optional mandatory alternatives set selection

other dimension features that go into code into process into

in general: everything that can be decided on

features lack semantics

types of variation in the solution space = Operations: substitutive variation (replace) additive variation remove

other dimension: functionality and non functional things

mechanisms for variation in solution space: ifdef aspects templates ...

We want to have: Patterns for doing variations

If you have this kind of variation with this kind of feature and are restricted to this set of mechanisms implement it like this.

Semantic Interfaces

exposing variation points

On Demand Variation

runtime variation on demand requirments changed during runtime (for high availability systems) change the code during runtime, not only configurate it

ways to do this: AO : offers runtime weaving/hot deployment flexible component systems: replace, add, remove components patching at runtim ...

what is missing?

same problem as evolution

Crosscutting Feature Models

mapping several feature models on each other? crosscutting feature over one feature model?

Valid Variations in Problem/Solution space

-- DaniloBeuche - 10 Nov 2004