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Ingredients of a Course on Program Transformation

What should a good course on program transformation offer?

Existing Courses about Program Transformation

A list of courses with program transformation, meta programming, etc. as subject. Please add (your own) course.

Courses on this Wiki

This wiki is used for two courses involving ProgramTransformation:

-- EelcoVisser - 02 Nov 2001, 19 Jun 2002

A wiki like this can be used in a course on ReverseEngineering.

  • Students can study the ReverseEngineeringTutorials, which provide general introductions to the field;
  • Based on the surveys, students can select topics of interest. They can then use the ReengineeringBibliography select papers covering these topics. They can use the wiki to write on line reviews or discuss the papers with other students.
  • Students may use some of the tools mentioned on this wiki to conduct experiments on legacy code. They can report their findings on this wiki.

In any case, the wiki serves as a forum to exchange information between the students, and between the students and the teacher(s).

-- ArieVanDeursen -- August 2002