XT Applet

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
XT Applet is a small package configured with automake that you can use to get started with writing Stratego/XT applications. The src/ subdirectory contains a sample SDF2 definition and a tiny Stratego transformation. The Makefile.am contains generic make rules for applying these. The packages also illustrates the use of AutoXT and XTC.

The latest distribution is available at:

Currently, this distribution is created for Stratego/XT 0.13

Older releases:

Short Introduction

Trafo is an ATerm to ATerm utility. You can just pass an expression in plain concrete syntax to it. It has to be parsed first:

$ sglri -i test1.exp -p Exp.tbl | ./Trafo

exp-transform is the right tool to pass expressions in concrete syntax to. It implements the complete pipeline from expression to expression. Note: exp-transform only works after installation. You can choose: install the package, or specify the build time XTC repository:

XTC_REPOSITORY=../XTC ./exp-transform -i test1.exp

or just (after installation)

$ ${xt-applet-prefix}/bin/exp-transform -i test1.exp

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