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SDFII is successor of the first Syntax Definition Formalism SDF. SDFII features

  • Integration of lexical and context-free syntax
  • Modules with parameters and renaming
  • Rich regular expression
  • Relative priorities
  • production attributes (e.g., for mapping to abstract syntax)
  • FollowRestrictions?
  • RejectProductions?

Many of these features are implemented by means of a normalization to KernelSDF?.

The formalism is supported by an extension of the SLR(0) parsing generation algorithm that is aware of priorities and follow restrictions. The parse tables produced by the parser generator are interpreted by SGLR, an extension of the GLR parsing algorithm that handles reductions with reject productions.

The definition can be found in AFamilyOfSyntaxDefinitionFormalisms? which also appeared in SyntaxDefinitionForLanguagePrototyping.

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