Feature Modeling Workshop

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GCSE`01 Feature Modeling Workshop

Motivation and Goals

The concept of features is becoming more and more popular in different areas of SoftwareEngineering, such as SoftwareProductLines and SystemFamilyEngineering?, DomainEngineering, GenericProgramming, MultidimensionalSeparationOfConcerns?, and GenerativeProgramming. Features are used to define software product lines and system families, to identify and manage commonalities and variabilities between products and systems, and to model functional, aspectual, and performance properties.

However features may not only be used to model specific system properties they may also help to detect system inconsistencies. Starting from the telecommunication domain techniques for feature interaction validation gained increasingly more importance in the world of software engineering.

Since features emerged in the different fields largely in separation, their understanding varies across the fields. Nevertheless, there is considerable commonality motivating the analysis and integration of the different views.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different fields in order to

  • learn from each other about the understanding, role, and application of features in the different fields,
  • identify needs for integration, open issues, and new application areas for features,
  • verify or validate systems according to their features, and
  • contribute to a common understanding of features in Software Engineering.


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