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Conference on Generative and Component-Based Software Engineering

  • Deadline: May
  • Conference: September

Description (from the conference webpage)

Component-based software development bears the promise of considerable productivity increases to software development comparable to the introduction of the assembly line in manufacturing. Unfortunately, current component technologies suffer from several problems. During evolution and customization for reuse, components are affected by changes arising from new functional and non-functional requirements, new variation points, new software architectures and component deployment strategies, new versions of a computing environment that affect component communication, etc. Due to those changes, components may erode quickly, resulting in complexity explosion, performance degradation and redundant implementations of similar features, thereby reducing the reusability of the components. Research activities are required to address the aforementioned and other problems.

GenerativeProgramming presents a promising approach to alleviating the above problems, as changes affecting components can now be more effectively managed during the generation process rather than at the component level. Using generative programming, we can produce custom components from elements that can be considerably simpler than executable components themselves, keeping the complexity of an evolving component system under control. Both generative and component-based approaches require changes in analysis and design methods, particularly, to move their focus from single systems to product lines. The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different areas related to generative programming and component-based engineering and to stimulate integrative work. The conference will include a technical papers session and pre-conference tutorials.