What Is ADomain

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From the DSLAnnotatedBibliography:

  • Our definition of DomainSpecificLanguages inherits the vagueness of one of its defining terms: problem domain. Rather than attempting to define this volatile notion as well, we list and categorize a number of domains for which DSLs have actually been built.

The DSLAnnotatedBibliography also refers to the "Domain as a set of systems" perspective adopted in the SoftwareReuse and DomainEngineering communities.

GenerativeProgramming, p. 34, is more courageous, and defines a domain as an area of knowledge which:

  • is scoped to maximize the satisfaction of the requirements of its stakeholders
  • includes a set of concepts and terminology understood by practitioners in that area; and
  • includes the knowledge of how to build software systems (or parts of software systems) in that area

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