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Software Architecture Recovery and Modelling

WCRE 2001 Discussion Forum

Stuttgart, 2 October, 2001

Software architecture recovery aims at presenting existing software systems at the more abstract, architectural level. Architecture recovery research issues include many topics, such as system browsing, dealing with multiple perspectives, visualization, usability evaluations, reference architectures, interface description, remodularization, and so on.

The Software Architecture Recovery and Modelling (SWARM) discussion forum is intended for researchers in the area of architecture extraction to discuss their progress and explore future directions. The goals of the working session are

  • to exchange experience;
  • to discuss new application areas;
  • to discover areas of mutual collaboration; and
  • to envision future trends in the field of software architecture recovery.

SWARM is part of WCRE 2001, the 8th Working Conference on ReverseEngineering. SWARM will be a half-day discussion forum planned in the afternoon of October 2nd. Participants are requested to submit a position paper, describing what they see as important results and directions. Position papers are limited to two pages. Authors are encouraged to include pointers to relevant papers, tools, or web sites. The organizers will accept position statements based on originality, relevance, vision, and suitability for triggering discussion.

Accepted papers will be made available on the web in advance (they will not appear in the WCRE proceedings). To stimulate discussion, the organizers will assign a "discussant" who will read the paper in advance and prepare critical questions.

The organizers will collect the session results, and summarize them in an article on future trends in architecture recovery for SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes. This article will include pointers to relevant material discussed during the working session.

Important dates are:

  • September 7, 2001:
    • Submission of two-page position paper
  • September 17, 2001:
    • Notification of acceptance
    • Publication of papers on web site
    • Distribution of papers across participants.
  • October 2, 2001:
    • Workshop in Stuttgart!


  • ArieVanDeursen (CWI, The Netherlands)
  • Mike Godfrey (U. Waterloo, Canada)
  • RainerKoschke (U. Stuttgart, Germany)
  • ClaudioRiva? (Nokia, Finland)
  • Margaret-Anne Storey (U. Victoria, Canada)

More Information: Arie.van.Deursen@cwi.nl, http://www.cwi.nl/~arie/.

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