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Welcome to the Reverse and Reengineering Roadmap!

The purpose of this roadmap is to provide a forum where all sorts of topics related to ReverseEngineering and ReEngineering can be discussed. My hope is that it is used to develop a shared understanding of some of the key concepts in these fields, very much in the spirit of the PortlandPatternRepository which has done a lot to develop the patterns and ExtremeProgramming communities -- ArieVanDeursen

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Reengineering Wiki Topics

Some of the key topics of the ReengineeringWiki include:

See the ReengineeringWikiSiteMap for a complete overview!

Please add your own topic as well, and contribute to any page you want to!

Reengineering Wiki Background

The past, present and future of the ReengineeringWiki are described in the ReengineeringWikiPaper. Have a look at the

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