Program Transformation Org

Program-Transformation.Org: The Program Transformation Wiki is dedicated to collecting, organizing and disseminating information about all aspects of ProgramTransformation through TheOnlineSurveyOfProgramTransformation.

The site is best viewed from its official homepage:


The site is completely based on WikiWikiWeb, a system for collaborative web development. This means that you cannot only read information about ProgramTransformation, but also add information to this site -- see OneMinuteWiki.

ProgramTransformationOrg was started in April 2000. ProgramTransformationNews? keeps track of important changes on the site. A more detailed view of all changes in the wiki pages is available in WebChanges.


ProgramTransformationOrg hosts a number of sub-sites featuring special areas of ProgramTransformation or documenting specific TransformationSystems:

These sub-sites have their own EntryPoints into the XTWikiWiki? that give a different perspective on the information contained in the wiki. If you would like to create your own view of the material see the information on AddingSubSites.