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Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM)

  • Deadline: October
  • Conference: January

From the call for papers:

The PEPM'02 workshop will bring together researchers working in the areas of semantics-based program manipulation, partial evaluation, and program generation. The workshop focuses on techniques, supporting theory, and applications of the analysis and manipulation of programs. Technical topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Program manipulation techniques: transformation, specialization, normalization, reflection, rewriting, run-time code generation, multi-level programming.
  • Program analysis techniques: abstract interpretation, static analysis, binding-time analysis, attribute grammars, constraints.
  • Related issues in language design and models of computation: imperative, functional, logical, object-oriented, parallel, distributed, mobile, secure, domain-specific.
  • Programs as data objects: staging, meta-programming, incremental computation, mobility, tools and techniques, prototyping and debugging.
  • Applications: systems programming, scientific computing, algorithmics, graphics, security checking, simulation, compiler generation, compiler optimization, decompilation.
  • Assessment: applicability of program manipulation techniques to particular architectures and language paradigms, scalability, benchmarking, portability.

Original results that bear on these and related topics are solicited. Papers investigating novel uses and applications of program manipulation in the broadest sense are especially encouraged. Authors concerned about the appropriateness of a topic are welcome to consult with the program chair prior to submission.