Organization Domain Modeling

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DomainEngineering methodology devised by Mark Simos and co-authors.

The major steps include

  • Plan domain:
    • Set objectives, analyze stakeholde
    • Scope domain: selection criteria
    • Define domain: boundary conditions, examples, counter examples, main features, relations to other domains.
  • Model Domain
    • Acquire domain information: experts, legacy systems, literature, prototyping, ...
    • Describe domain: lexicon of terms, commonality & variability: feature diagrams
    • Refine domain: build overall domain, analyze trade offs, innovative feature combinations
  • Engineer Asset Base
    • Scope: correlate features and customers, prioritize, select.
    • Architect: external and internal constraints, components, DomainSpecificLanguages, generators, framework, ...
    • Implement: object-oriented programming, code generation, ...

For details, see the ODM guide book: M. Simos, D. Creps, C. Klinger, L. Levine, and D. Allemang. Organization Domain Modeling (ODM) Guidebook, Version 2.0. Informal Technical Report for STARS, STARS-VC-A025/001/00, 14 June 1996

You can find the ODM guide book on line at

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