Decompilation Compiler Specific

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Compiler-Specific or Pattern Matching Decompilers

This approach tries to find the reverse mapping of the executable to the source based on analysing the output generated by a specific compiler. This will usually give better results with respect to generating source code that resembles the original source code. This approach is limited in the sense that a decompiler has to be constructed for each individual compiler.

  • DoDi (Hans-Peter Diettrich, author of VBDis 3/4/5)

  • disC for Turbo C 2.0/2.01.

  • xla2xls.exe is a self-extracting archive with an add-in which can decompile *XLA*'s to XLS Excel 5 and 7 workbook files, so that code can be read or modified. This was sent to me by Razvan Anghel.

  • PCBoard Programming Language eXtractor 2.00 is a BBS system, and PPL is its programming language. Programs in PPL are compiled to an intermediate binary format before they are interpreted by the PCBoard software. PPLX is a decompiler for binary PPL programs which does a very good job at reconstructing the original control-flow using `if', `while', and `case' statements.

  • Decompilers for Sculptor and Realizer, which were special purpose high level languages.


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