Binary Translation Products

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Commercial products related to Binary Translation

  • Dynamite from Transitive Technologies is a binary translation product with various front ends, back ends, and a "Dynamite Kernel". This kernel does most of the runtime optimisation on an intermediate representation of the code. The overhead seems to be quite low (200-300K of RAM), making it suitable for embedded applications.

  • RealPC is a product to run PC (ISA) programs on Solaris. It uses a combination of interpretation and binary translation. Supports SPARC, PowerPC and MIPS targets. There is also a version for the Power Macintosh.

  • Sun's Wabi(tm) for Solaris v.2 translated MS Windows 3.x binaries to run on Solaris. The Wabi project was closed in 1997. Read Byte Magazine's 1994 review.

  • Willows Software's TWIN XPDK MS Windows emulator for Unix, MacOS and OS/2.

  • Simics from Virtutech is a system-level instruction set simulator. Simics can simulate a variety of target systems, including systems based on the PC (x86 and x86-64), SPARC V9, PowerPC, and Alpha architectures.