Koala Graph

XT -- A Bundle of Program Transformation Tools

The tool koala-graph generates a graphical representation of a Koala specification as a Dot graph. The generated output is an abstract syntax tree of Dot. It can be pretty-printed and passed to dot to obtain a graphical representation of a Koala composition.


The picture showed at KoalaWire is produces as follows:

   pack-koala -I ./koala-pb -i koala-bundle \
   | implode-asfix \
   | koala-wire \
   | koala-graph \
   | pp-dot \
   | dot -NHelvetica -Tgif -Gsize=8,8

The tool pp-dot is used to pretty-print (i.e., transform to plain text) the Dot abstract syntax tree. The tool dot is then used to produce a gif picture.

-- MerijnDeJonge - 17 Feb 2004