Abox To Html

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box2html [-a] [-c] [-i box-term] [-o html-file] [-t title]


The utility box2html produces an HTML file according to the formatting defined in box-term.

When the `-a' switch is used, box2html operates on an abstract BOX expressions (for instance, as produced by AstToAbox?), rather than on a concrete BOX term.

The HTML code requirers a cascading style sheet (named `box2html.css') which contains specific formatting information. An initial style-sheet can be obtained by specifying the `-c' option to box2html. This style-sheet can be modified manually to customize the appearance of the HTML code in your web-browser.


-h : display usage information. Use this option to get information on additional options

-q : run quietly

-v : display version information

See also

GPP, AstToAbox?, HowToPrettyPrintAGrammar

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