Strategies for Program Transformation

An Introduction to Program Transformation with Stratego/XT


Eelco Visser



The complete draft book is now available as a single PDF file.

We have also started developing an online manual. See the strategoxt-manual project at

Copying and Citing

copyright © 2003,2004 Eelco Visser

The book chapters that are published here are intended to provide an overview of the main ideas behind the Stratego language and XT toolset. Since the current version is a draft, it should not be considered as the definitive source about Stratego/XT.

The copyright is with the author, Eelco Visser. The book chapters password protected and are available on request ( Re-distribution of material published here is not allowed. When referring to the website use the following URL:

When referring to Stratego/XT in publications, please refer to the relevant published papers. Good general references are 'Building Program Optimizers with Rewriting Strategies' and 'Program Transformation with StrategoXT'.

When citing the book in a publication use the following BibTeX entry:

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