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If you are involved in extracting information, artifacts, architectural components (or anything else of value) from existing systems - then you should be participating in this conference!

The Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE) is the premier research conference on the theory and practice of recovering information from existing systems. Now in our twelth meeting, we explore innovative methods of extracting the many kinds of information that can be recovered from the data, software, and other components that comprise systems, and examine innovative ways of using this information in system understanding, renovation, and system reengineering.

In the last 10 years, there has been considerable progress in this field, centered around WCRE. Reverse engineering has matured and become a part of every practitioner's vocabulary, and student textbook. It now represents a considerable body of knowledge. Increasingly, industry is incorporating reverse engineering tools and techniques into our systems development activities. WCRE plays the leading role in moving this research agenda forward.

WCRE is truly a working conference, where discussion is emphasized. By tradition, each paper presentation has a strict 20-minute limit. Following each group of papers on a given topic, there is serious and in-depth discussion of the topic area, the work described in the presentations, and the implications for future research. WCRE attendees are not passive observers; they are active participants in discussing and shaping future directions of the ReverseEngineering and ReEngineering fields.