Past Releases

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
This page contains plans for past releases. See ReleasePlan for planning of future releases.

StrategoXT 0.9.3

released September 1, 2003

StrategoXT 0.9.2

released July 4, 2003

  • Upgrade to most recent versions of dependencies:

  • Automate creation of RPMs and tarbundles in buildfarm for various platforms:
    • aterm 2.0
    • sdf2 bundle with sglr 3.9, pgen 1.6
    • StrategoXT
    • support DESTDIR (required for making RPMs)

  • Make dailydists created by buildfarm available

  • Allow a separate make and make install in distributions by using build-time srts

  • Allow Configuration without prefix?

  • Improved first installation of StrategoXT from Subversion:
    • bootstrap-time autoxt installation

StrategoXT 0.9.1

Released June 4, 2003

  • Migrate CVS repository to Subversion repository

  • Get the daily builds? completely running

  • Refactoring tool packages?

  • XTC
    • Improve error reporting :
      • if an imported XTC repository doesn't exist
      • if a user doesn't has the rights to register a tool in an XTC repository

  • SSL
    • Remove some modules from the SSL because the just don't work for now: server-test, client-test, accept-test, connect-test, communication, connect. Maybe we should work on sockets in the stratego-net package.
    • Move all unit tests of the SSL to a seperate directory: do not install them and do not create rtrees .
    • Efficient native implementation of concat-strings (required for ExtendibleDocumentationGenerator).
    • Remove abox and abox-ext module from SSL: tools operating on the BoxLanguage should use the signatures of GPP

  • StrategoFront
    • TupleCong is overloaded for the empty tuple congruence and tuple congruences with strategy arguments. GPP cannot handle this because constructor names cannot be overloaded.

  • make boxenv an AutoXT powered package and include boxenv.sty in distribution to prevent install time dependency on LaTeX?.

  • make stratego-util an AutoXT powered package and include it in the list of packages

StrategoXT 0.9

Released January 26, 2003

Stratego 0.8.1

Released September 20, 2002

  • maintenance release

Stratego 0.8

Released June 27, 2002

Stratego 0.7

Released March 13, 2002

Stratego 0.6.4

Released January 3, 2002

Stratego 0.6.3

Released November 26, 2001

Stratego 0.6.2

Released October 6, 2001

Stratego 0.6

Released August 2001

  • Declare constructors in compiler
  • Clean up specification of compiler components
  • New ImplementationScheme

Stratego 0.5

Released 26 March 2001

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