GPCE Demonstration 21

Xirc: Cross-Artifact Information Retrieval

Michael Eichberg, Darmstadt University of Technology
Thorsten Schaefer, Darmstadt University of Technology


In large scale software development projects, in particular in the field of Component-Based Software Development(CBSD), the kinds of a project's sources are diverse and related information is spread over the different artifacts. E.g., the transaction attributes ("Required", "Requires-New",etc.) of methods of an Enterprise Java Bean are defined in the deployment descriptor while the method bodies are defined in a Java class.

If we want to put these information into relation, e.g., to find all methods with a specific transaction attribute, we have to use multiple search engines and have to map the information manually. It is not possible to execute one query that returns the desired result.

To solve these problems we have developed XIRC, a tool and architecture that enables to define queries over a uniform representation of all artifacts of a software project. XIRC maps all artifacts of a project to XML representations and stores the documents in a database. Then, XQuery, a functional query language for XML documents (databases), can be used to query the database. Hence, XIRC can be used as a sophisticated search engine, as a tool to check implementation restrictions, to find errors or as a basis for further tools for code generation and visualization.

The first part of the demo will be a short PowerPoint presentation introducing the XIRC architecture and its features. The second part will be a live demo of the XIRC Eclipse Plug-in. This part will show how to put information spread over (EJB-) deployment descriptors and code into relation to ease the development of a component, to check implementation restrictions or to find errors.

Times and Locations

  • Wed, 27 Oct., 10.30 - 11.15, Exhibition Hall Demo Room 4
  • Thu, 28 Oct., 10.30 - 11.15, Exhibition Hall Demo Room 4