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Working Group on Language Design
TWiki's WGLD web /view/WGLD The WGLD web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors Eelco Visser [webmaster@strategoxt.org] Eelco Visser [webmaster@strategoxt.org] TWiki TWiki.WGLD TWiki home.WGLD /view/WGLD /pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/twikiRobot46x50.gif GroupMembers /view/WGLD/GroupMembers?t=2020-06-04T13:11Z Officers Chair: Tijs van der Storm Vice-Chair: Heather Miller Secretary: Jonathan Edwards Members Name Affiliation Country Member Since Jonathan Aldrich Carnegie ... (last changed by JonathanEdwards) 2020-06-04T13:11Z JonathanEdwards 1.40 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/GroupMembers /rdiff/WGLD/GroupMembers NiceMeeting2019 /view/WGLD/NiceMeeting2019?t=2020-01-02T03:36Z Dates: 2019 November 11–15 Venue: Hôtel Nice Beau Rivage, Nice, FR Host: Manuel Serrano The hotel booking form is attached at the bottom. In response to concerns ... (last changed by JonathanEdwards) 2020-01-02T03:36Z JonathanEdwards 1.3 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/NiceMeeting2019 /rdiff/WGLD/NiceMeeting2019 WhatWeDoAtOurMeetings /view/WGLD/WhatWeDoAtOurMeetings?t=2019-11-03T19:51Z This needs to be updated to the actual procedure that has emerged during the meetings. Eelco Visser Talks are 50 minutes long, split equally between the presenter ... (last changed by JonathanEdwards) 2019-11-03T19:51Z JonathanEdwards 1.5 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/WhatWeDoAtOurMeetings /rdiff/WGLD/WhatWeDoAtOurMeetings Meetings /view/WGLD/Meetings?t=2019-08-07T23:34Z Meeting schedule 1: 2010 0: Moutain View 2011 (Inaugural Meeting) 1: 2012 2: 2012 3: 2013 4: Skamania 2014 5: Athens 2015 6: Los Angeles 2016 7: Lausanne 2016 8: Park ... (last changed by JonathanEdwards) 2019-08-07T23:34Z JonathanEdwards 1.22 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Meetings /rdiff/WGLD/Meetings PortlandMeeting2019 /view/WGLD/PortlandMeeting2019?t=2019-08-07T23:34Z Dates: 2019 February 4–8 Venue: Embassy Suites Hotel, Portland, Oregon, USA Host: Main.AndrewBlack The meeting will be in downtown Portland, at the former Multnomah ... (last changed by JonathanEdwards) 2019-08-07T23:34Z JonathanEdwards 1.4 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/PortlandMeeting2019 /rdiff/WGLD/PortlandMeeting2019 Meeting2018 /view/WGLD/Meeting2018?t=2018-05-24T21:54Z Dates: May 14-18, 2018 Venue: Antwerp, Belgium Host: Tom Van Cutsem https://lonelyplanetimages.imgix.net/mastheads/GettyImages-486812737 super.jpg Slides The slides ... (last changed by EelcoVisser) 2018-05-24T21:54Z EelcoVisser 1.24 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2018 /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2018 Meeting2017 /view/WGLD/Meeting2017?t=2017-09-03T13:18Z Dates: August 28 September 1, 2017 Venue: Park City, Utah, USA Host: Matthew Flatt https://www.flickr.com/photos/tkellyphoto/6246702517 Venue The meeting will take ... (last changed by EelcoVisser) 2017-09-03T13:18Z EelcoVisser 1.24 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2017 /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2017 VintoGroupMenuMeeting2017 /view/WGLD/VintoGroupMenuMeeting2017?t=2017-08-07T12:40Z Served family style: #8232; #8232;Caesar Salad Italian Chopped Salad (romaine, wild arugula, chicken, pancetta, roasted peppers, tomato, cucumber, fontina, red wine ... (last changed by MatthewFlatt) 2017-08-07T12:40Z MatthewFlatt 1.1 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/VintoGroupMenuMeeting2017 /rdiff/WGLD/VintoGroupMenuMeeting2017 Meeting2016Europe /view/WGLD/Meeting2016Europe?t=2017-05-07T21:06Z Dates: October 3-7, October 2016 Venue: EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Host: Heather Miller Program The meeting starts on Monday morning October 3 at 9AM and ends with ... (last changed by JonathanEdwards) 2017-05-07T21:06Z JonathanEdwards 1.9 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2016Europe /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2016Europe Meeting2014 /view/WGLD/Meeting2014?t=2016-05-03T07:07Z Dates: Sunday, June 1 Friday, June 6, 2014 Venue: Skamania Lodge, near Portland, Oregon Host: Andrew Black Skamania Lodge I have made arrangements for five nights ... (last changed by EelcoVisser) 2016-05-03T07:07Z EelcoVisser 1.17 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2014 /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2014 Meeting2016 /view/WGLD/Meeting2016?t=2016-03-02T18:11Z Dates: January 25-29, 2016 Venue: UCLA, Los Angeles, CA Host: Alex Warth Food Lunches: grab some food in food court in Ackerman auditorium and eat outside. Group ... (last changed by EelcoVisser) 2016-03-02T18:11Z EelcoVisser 1.11 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2016 /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2016 Meeting2015 /view/WGLD/Meeting2015?t=2016-01-25T01:06Z Dates: April 20-24 (Mon-Fri), 2015. Venue: Athens, Greece Host: Yannis Smaragdakis Venue The meeting will take place at the University of Athens Club (Kostis Palamas ... (last changed by EelcoVisser) 2016-01-25T01:06Z EelcoVisser 1.17 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2015 /rdiff/WGLD/Meeting2015 MeetingProceedings2014 /view/WGLD/MeetingProceedings2014?t=2015-03-11T20:51Z These are the talks given at the IFIP WG 1.16 meeting at Skamania Lodge, WA, USA from June 2 to June 6, 2014. Sean McDirmid: Programming with Managed Time in Glitch ... (last changed by EelcoVisser) 2015-03-11T20:51Z EelcoVisser 1.3 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/MeetingProceedings2014 /rdiff/WGLD/MeetingProceedings2014 Aarhus2013 /view/WGLD/Aarhus2013?t=2013-10-25T11:46Z The fourth meeting is planned: Dates: Wed, August 21 Sun, August 25, 2013 Venue: University Aarhus, Denmark Host: Erik Ernst Participants Top row: Jonathan Edwards ... (last changed by ErikErnst) 2013-10-25T11:46Z ErikErnst 1.27 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Aarhus2013 /rdiff/WGLD/Aarhus2013 Austin2012 /view/WGLD/Austin2012?t=2013-10-13T18:50Z The meeting will be held in Austin Venue: University of Texas at Austin Time: Tuesday December 4 to Saturday December 8 Local organizer: William Cook Participants ... (last changed by EelcoVisser) 2013-10-13T18:50Z EelcoVisser 1.16 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/Austin2012 /rdiff/WGLD/Austin2012 WebHome /view/WGLD/WebHome?t=2013-10-08T19:54Z This is the home page of the IFIP TC2 working group on programming language design. Our proposal was approved on June 28, 2011 with the tentative group number 2.16 ... (last changed by EelcoVisser) 2013-10-08T19:54Z EelcoVisser 1.8 updated major /rdiff/WGLD/WebHome /rdiff/WGLD/WebHome