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Software Architecture Recovery and Modelling

WCRE 2001 Discussion Forum

Stuttgart, 2 October, 2001

Software architecture recovery aims at presenting existing software systems at the more abstract, architectural level. Architecture recovery research issues include many topics, such as system browsing, dealing with multiple perspectives, visualization, usability evaluations, reference architectures, interface description, remodularization, and so on.

The Software Architecture Recovery and Modelling (SWARM) discussion forum is intended for researchers in the area of architecture extraction to discuss their progress and explore future directions. The goals of the working session are

  • to exchange experience;
  • to discuss new application areas;
  • to discover areas of mutual collaboration; and
  • to envision future trends in the field of software architecture recovery.
SWARM is part of WCRE 2001, the 8th Working Conference on ReverseEngineering.

Workshop Report

The discussions of SWARM 2001 are summarized in

Below you can find the program as well as the position papers presented at the workshop.

A sequel to this workshop was organized at WCRE 2002. Another follow up activity is the SwarmDagstuhl.

Workshop Format

Presentations take 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion. In order to stimulate informed debate, each position paper has a discussant assigned, who has the task to study the position paper in advance, and prepare one or two questions. Each session is concluded with 15 minutes of discussion.

The workshop opens with an introduction session where participants can raise the questions they would like to get addressed in the workshop; in the concluding wrap up we'll evaluate how far we got in answering these questions.


Sesion 1: Reconstruction
Chair: Peggy Storey
14:15 Welcome
Arie van Deursen (CWI)
14:20 Participants introduce themselves
14:30 An Environment for Architecture Reconstruction
Claudio Riva and Yang Yaojin (Nokia Research Center)
Discussant: Jens Jahnke
14:45 Directions in Architectural Specifications
Amnon H. Eden (Concordia University)
Discussant: Nicolas Anquetil
15:00 A Lightweight Architecture Recovery Process
Davor Svetinovic and Michael Godfrey (University of Waterloo)
Discussant: Jean-Marie Favre
15:15 Recovering Rationale
ArieVanDeursen (CWI)
Discussant: Tarja Systa
15:30 Discussion

15:45 Coffee / tea break

Sesion 2: Compenents
Chair: Mike Godfrey
16:15 Towards an Architecture for Refactoring Embedded Software for Ubiquitous Environments
Jens. Jahnke (University of Victoria)
Discussant: Arie van Deursen
16:30 Architecture Recovery for Distributed Systems
Nabor C. Mendonca (Universidade de Fortaleza), presented by Nicolas Anquetil.
Discussant: Peggy Storey
16:45 Issues in Reengineering the Architecture of Component-Based Software
J. M. Favre, H. Cervants (Imag), R. Sanlaville, F. Duclos, and J. Estublier (Dassault Systems)
Discussant: Amnon Eden
17:00 A challenge of modeling how to use an architecture
TarjaSysta (Tampere University of Technology)
Discussant: Claudio Riva
17:15 Discussion
17:30 Wrap up
Lessons learned, resolved and open issues, next steps.
17:45 Closing & Dinner


More Information: Arie.van.Deursen@cwi.nl, http://www.cwi.nl/~arie/.

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