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You can use this web site like any other.


This website has some extra features not found on most other websites. For example, all internal links are bidirectional... click the title above to see all pages which link to this page. Also check out WebChanges.


If you have something to say, you could and should (some of the time). Anyone can change or add to anything they see written in this Wiki.

To edit you'll need need to go to TWikiRegistration first, or use the anonymous ReengineeringGuest account. Use guest as password.

Click the Edit link in the sidebar, edit the text, preview the changes, and then click the Save button that appears at the bottom of the page when editing.


Visit WikiWikiSandbox... and enjoy!! To learn about the specific Twiki syntax, see WikiSyntax and, for more details, the TextFormattingRules


There is none. Who bothers anyway? Yes, any kiddie can barge in and delete lots of content. However, all stuff is under revision control, so any contents can be restored if necessary. See also Wiki:WhyWikiWorks.

Page creation:

Edit an existing page and insert the title of the new page as two or more capitalized words run together without spaces, LikeThis?. When you save from the edit page, Wiki converts all words run together to links. If it can find the title in the database of existing pages, it will put in a link to that page. If it can't find the title, it will put a question mark link next to the term. Click on the question mark link to edit your new page. Why not start with your name and say a little something about yourself?


Maybe you should create your own page. Concat your names into a WikiName as in ArieVanDeursen and add yourself to the TransformationPeople.

Edit customs:

Try reading various pages to get the feel of Wiki before you start making changes.

You like it?

Check out the TWikiTutorial for some more interesting details of working with a Wiki system and the specifics of the Twiki engine used to run this site.

This page was largely inspired by the Wiki:OneMinuteWiki page of the PortlandPatternRepository.

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