Upgrade To New Autotools

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
Akim Demaille pointed out that the use of autoconf and automake in Stratego and XT is antiquated, and badly needs to be updated to more modern versions of these tools. I had already encountered this problem when trying to build on a FreeBSD? machine. The first fix is to renovate the current scripts and makefiles such that they will pass through newer versions of the autotools.

This turned out not to be such a problem. The issues were:

Automake enforces consistent usage of = and =+

The AC_OUTPUT_SUBDIRS macro used in the Autobundle macro AB_CONFIG_PKG is no longer used. I found a simple fix for this problem using google. The fix defines the old style macro in terms of the new one, if it was not defined yet:


StrategoRelease09 is generated using autoconf 2.53 and automake 1.5

-- EelcoVisser - 16 Nov 2002