Stratego Business

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
> We have downloaded and are starting to look at and study some of the tools,
> in particular the Stratego tools and their CobolX couterpart. 


> We would also like to know more about how we can engage you or your peers,
> should we decide to standardize a significant portion of our practice in
> extending and adapting this tools suite.

I am very interested in seeing Stratego put to industrial use and would be
happy to assist you in this process. As you are aware the software is open
source and thus free for you to use. 

Deeper involvement on my part could be in the form of training in the use of
the tool suite, advice or actual implementation of applications specific for
your project, improvements of our tool suite to better support your
applications. The extent to which I'll be able to do this depends on the
interestingness of the activity (I'm a researcher after all) and the benefits
for my research group. For example, I could use financial support to hire
students or students who have just graduated to work on (your) applications or
improvements of Stratego/XT. My aim is for all such activities to result in
improved insights in program transformation and new open source spin offs that
benefit the Stratego community.

If you have more concrete ideas about what to use Stratego/XT for, I'll be
happy to advise you and further explore possibilities for collaboration.
-- EelcoVisser - 20 Dec 2001