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Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation

Note that Stratego is now part of the Spoofax Language Workbench, which provides an Eclipse plugin for developing SDF and Stratego, and creating Eclipse IDE plugins for your own language. See the Spoofax website for information and downloads: This website is still available for historical purposes. Refer the new site for up-to-date documentation.

Editor Plugins for Stratego

Spoofax Stratego Editor Plug-In for Eclipse

The Spoofax Stratego Editor plug-in provides syntax-highlighting and module outline for Stratego and SDF in Eclipse. It is easy install, since it is deployed as an ordinary Eclipse plug-in.

Spoofax is available from:

Stratego Emacs Mode

The Stratego Emacs Mode provides basic syntax-highlighting for Stratego in Emacs. For installation instructions, see Stratego Emacs Mode.

Available at:

Stratego for NEdit, Vim, Ultraedit

Available at:


Stratego/XT Utilities

A bundle of additional utils for Stratego/XT developers (currently, mostly Dot related)



XDoc is a documentation generator for Stratego.

Stratego Shell

The Stratego Shell implements a Stratego interpreter and an interactive shell for Stratego programming. The interpreter and shell are very useful for learning Stratego and for implementing small tests.


C and C++


The Transformers Project is developing a program transformation framework for C and C++, based on Stratego/XT. The latest release provides an ambiguous C and C++ syntax definition and separate disambiguation tools for C (complete) and C++ (partial).



Java-front adds support for Java program transformation to Stratego/XT. It provides a handcrafted SDF syntax definition and pretty-printer for Java (J2SE 5.0).



AspectJ-front defines the syntax of AspectJ by extending the Java syntax definition of Java-front.


Jimple-front defines the syntax of Jimple, the typed 3-address representation of Java bytecode of the Soot Java optimization framework. This representation is suitable for program optimization and analysis.


Dryad is a set tools for semantic analysis of Java. It also provides support for working with Java bytecode in Stratego.



PHP-front provides a syntax definition, parser, pretty-printer, reflection library, and common strategies for PHP.


SQL-front provides a syntax definition for SQL92.


Prolog-tools is a toolset for transforming Prolog programs.