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    • Set WEBLOGO = /pub/transformation.gif

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TWiki Platform Settings

  • TWiki platform name:
    • Set WIKITOOLNAME = TWiki

  • Image, URL and alternate tooltip text of TWiki logo: (can be overwritten by web preferences)
    • Set WIKILOGOIMG = /pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/twikiRobot46x50.gif
    • Set WIKILOGOURL = http://TWiki.org/
    • Set WIKILOGOALT = TWiki home


Email and Proxy Server Settings

  • Mail host for outgoing mail. This is used for WebChangesAlert? if Perl module Net::SMTP is installed. If not, or if SMTPMAILHOST is empty, the external sendmail program is used instead (defined by $mailProgram in TWiki.cfg). Examples: mail.your.company or localhost
    • Set SMTPMAILHOST = smtp.cs.uu.nl

  • Mail domain sending mail. SMTP requires that you identify the TWiki server sending mail. If not set, Net::SMTP will guess it for you. Ex: twiki.your.company

Plugins Settings

  • TWikiPlugins? configuration: All plugin modules that exist in the lib/TWiki/Plugins directory are activated automatically unless disabled by DISABLEDPLUGINS. You can optionally list the installed plugins in INSTALLEDPLUGINS. This is useful to define the sequence of plugin execution, or to specify other webs then the TWiki web for the plugin topics. Specify plugins as a comma separated list of topics.

-- EelcoVisser - 10 Jul 2003

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