Gpce 2006 Schedule


Important Dates for GPCE'06

2005-07 Eelco done GPCE?06 Web site
anytime All Advertise GPCE?06 by distributing CFP at other conferences
2005-09-30 done Preliminary announcement at GPCE'05 business meeting, Preliminary CFP posted at GPCE?05 and other conferences
2005-10-25 Stan done Application for ACM SIGPLAN/SIGSOFT sponsorship and initial budget approved
2006-01-10 Christa and Arno done Call for workshop/tutorial proposals posted on web site
2006-03-01 ish Eelco+Doug+Todd Choice of conference management system
2006-??-?? Eelco Installation/testing of conference management system
2006-03-18 Christa and Arno   Submission deadline for workshop/tutorial proposals
2006-05-01 Christa and Arno Notification of acceptance for workshop/tutorial proposals
2006-??-?? Christa and Arno   Coordinate tutorial speaker compensation with OOPSLA
2006-??-?? bulk e-mail announcement last CFP + preliminary announcement for workshops/tutorials
  workshop/tutorial description made public
2006-04-30 Doug+Todd Submission deadline for abstracts
2006-05-05 PC Paper bids due
  OOPSLA'06 paper submission deadline
2006-05-05 Doug+Todd Submission deadline for papers/demonstrations
2006-05-08 Doug+Todd Paper assignments to PC members
  Submit to ACM revised TMRF with registration fees
  bulk e-mail announcement Call for Contributions to workshops and Call for Participation
2006-06-05 PC All reviews due
2006-06-12 PC Virtual PC meeting
2006-06-28 Doug+Todd Notification of acceptance for papers/demonstrations
  OOPSLA'06 author notification
2006-07-05 Doug+Todd Preliminary program GPCE
  Submission deadline for workshop contributions
2006-07-10 Doug+Todd List of authors and email addresses to Sheridan printing
2006-08-09 authors Camera-ready versions of papers&demos due at Sheridan (+invited)
  Notification of acceptance for workshop contributions
2006-08-24 Doug+Todd Front matter for proceedings due at Sheridan Printing (foreward, paper order, organization)
  bulk e-mail announcement Call for Participation (also workshops)
  Preliminary program GPCE workshops
  Early registration deadline
  confirm room facilities; estimate of participants for catering
  Submit (optional) to ACM pre-final TMRF based on early registrations
  bulk e-mail announcement Call for Participation (final)
  Camera-ready versions of workshop proceedings
  Camera-ready versions of tutorial notes
2006-09-20 Doug+Todd Number of proceedings needed for conference to Sheridan
2006-09-23 Sheridan Page proofs from Sheridan
2006-09-26 Doug+Todd Page proofs "OK" due back to Sheridan
  Late registration deadline
2006-10-13 Sheridan Proceedings shipped to Portland
2006-10-20   GPCE 2006 in Portland
  Submit to ACM consolidated TMRF

-- StanJarzabek - 02 Dec 2005