Generative Programming and Component Engineering
Note: All GPCE tutorials except tutorial GPCE2 have been cancelled.

Tutorial GPCE 2 tutorial will be held informally, without any charges to the participants. The tutorial will take place Sunday 9:00-12:30 in NH Hotel Salzburg in the "Club" meeting room. To attend the tutorial, please send an email to Ulrik Schultz.

GPCE'07 presents the following tutorials:

* Tutorial GPCE1 CANCELLED (Model Driven Development and Generative Techniques for Embedded Systems) * Tutorial GPCE2 (rescheduled): Building Composable, Domain-specific and General Purpose Extensions to Java * Tutorial GPCE3 CANCELLED (Using Feature Models for Product Derivation) * Tutorial GPCE4 CANCELLED (Product Line Implementation using Models and Aspects)

Workshops/Tutorials committee:

* Ulrik P. Schultz, Workshop/Tutorials Chair (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark) * Remi Douence (Ecole des Mines de Nantes-Inria, Lina, France) * Christa Schwanninger (Siemens, Germany) * Peter Sestoft (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark)