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CONFERENCEDAYS Austin, Texas, USA co-located with POPL'11 Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN URLPEPM11 INCLUDE{AimsAndTopics} The SIGPLAN Republication Policy and ACM's Policy ...
Call For Papers ACM SIGPLAN 2010 Workshop on PARTIAL EVALUATION AND PROGRAM MANIPULATION (PEPM'10) Madrid, Spain January, 2010 (Co-located with POPL 2010) http:/ ...
POPL 2010 Main.JanisVoigtlaender 18 Jun 2009
PEPM 2010 is co-located with POPL 2010.
A flyer to distribute at other events. GPCE06-FirstCallForPapers.pdf: Flyer with first call for papers for GPCE'06
ACM SIGPLAN 2011 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM'11) 20th Anniversary Edition CONFERENCEDAYS Austin, Texas, USA co-located with POPL ...
Details about the conference program will follow later.

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