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Octave-frontend 12 Jan 2005 - 13:17 - NEW JayaSurian
Main.JayaSurian 12 Jan 2005  
OctaveCompilerDocumentation 17 Dec 2004 - 08:48 - r1.9 RobVermaas
Packages Octave Frontend Octave Optimizer Octave Typechecker Octave to C++ Backend Developers Daily generated documentation (by xDoc) Roadmap going on Other useful ...  
OctaveCompilerDownload 07 Dec 2004 - 17:48 - r1.5 RobVermaas
Prerequisites The following software is needed to compile the Octave Compiler Octave (version 2.1.61) Latest unstable StrategoXT Download The latest unstable release ...  
OctaveCompilerNews 15 Nov 2004 - 15:28 - r1.2 RobVermaas
November 15th 2004 New wiki! Started new wiki which should hold all the information about the Stratego Octave Compiler.  
OctaveFrontend 19 Nov 2004 - 08:46 - r1.4 RobVermaas
Octave Front is a front-end for the OCTAVELINK language. Contents Octave Front consists of the following end-user tools: pack-octave pp-octave Besides these tools ...  
OctaveOptimizer 02 Dec 2004 - 08:03 - r1.5 RobVermaas
Contents The Optimizer implements several optimization on Octave code. The optimizations are implemented as source-to-source transformation, similar to the optimization ...  
OctaveToC 19 Nov 2004 - 15:21 - r1.3 RobVermaas
The Octave to C++ Backend is a C++ code generator. It performs the following translations, to .oct (linked function to C++ (standalone) The latest sources of the Octave ...  
OctaveTypeInferencer 23 Nov 2004 - 11:58 - r1.6 RobVermaas
The Type Inferencer is a typechecker for the Octave language. Although the implementation has changed significantly, currently the ideas are only expressed in the ...  

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