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The software on which this WikiWikiWeb runs is starting to become antiquated. It lacks many features that would be useful in a Wiki. It is also a problem that it does not run under the domain, such that references to individual pages can be given. Therefore, I have started to experiment with new wiki servers. The first experiment is an installation of a twiki server. I use losser, the server of the st-lab at This server can be used to virtually host the domain. This page is intended to discuss the merits of the different wiki software, so that we can decide what to move to. -- Eelco Visser

The TWiki server installs very easily. See

But, then ... I'm just starting to learn what to do with it. First impression: twiki is very powerful, but that power might also be too much. Standard pages are maded using the full power of html. One of the nice things about wiki can be that you don't have to write html. -- EelcoVisser

Second impression: I'm starting to get the hang of it. The initial template pages are quite daunting because they are full of HTML code, but there after remove all that you can just edit in wiki style. However, the markup is different from this wiki, so if we move to TWiki there will be a need for automatic WikiMigration?. But that's something that shouldn't scare us, right? -- EelcoVisser

I've done some experiments as well (if only I knew you where doing this ...)



I have set up webs for Stratego. The TWiki as a whole is called Transformation. In the web list at the top of the page I have added XT, JJForester, but not actually created the directories for them. Do you have suggestions for a new WikiStructure?? -- EelcoVisser

To create the directories, I've installed a patch from twiki. To see it in action, check

To download, see

-- ArieVanDeursen

Maybe this is not the right page to put my comment ;-) Please excuse. I wanted to say that I really like this Wiki. The number of hits it gets is huge. That really surprised me. What this Wiki needs now are authors. I would like to point out that the pages look too smart that people new to the concept might not imagine that they can be editors. Especially the navigation bar. The pages look as if a group of authors used some sophisticated content management system to put them together. Maybe less would be more? Regarding the features of the Wiki software, I think it's fine. That's not the problem to make it fly. -- FrankGerhardt

Right. The way to go could be to have a set of InvitedAuthors -- ArieVanDeursen - 14 Oct 2001.