Uncc Decompiler

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http://www.autistici.org/uncc/ Was at http://www.uncc.info (now for sale)

uncc is a tiny decompiler for X86 binary files. It uses objdump as a disassembler, and uses heuristics to try to transform the assembler semantics into C. It is very easy to make (type make at a Linux prompt); it made in under 2 seconds on my machine. As of February 2005, it only works on tiny binary files. It would not work with my Fiboncci or switch test programs. It even failed hello world (generated one empty call to an empty function, then return 0 (which is correct)).

The authors plan to release a version "soon" with support for external functions (like printf, I assume), and "variable type recognition". Good luck guys; this is ambitious!

Retrieved Feb 2005.