Strategies In Program Transformation Systems

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Strategies play an important role in ProgramTransformation. The purpose of this survey is to get an overview of the styles of strategies used in various TransformationSystems. Comments are welcome. -- EelcoVisser - 15 Mar 2001


In order to compare strategies in different systems it is necessary to know what they are, i.e., we need a taxonomy of strategies.

  • What is a strategy? Is there a definition of strategies that covers many systems, but is still meaningful?


The role of strategies in a number of existing systems each representing a paradigm for program transformation.

  • StrategiesInRewriting?
  • StrategiesInStratego?
  • StrategiesInELAN?
  • StrategiesInASFSDF?

  • StrategiesInAttributeGrammars?

  • StrategiesInFunctionalPrograms?