Sort RSF

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sortrsf is a command line program that is part of the RigiSystem.

If your Rigi environment is setup:

  • documentation is located at $RIGI/doc/rigiutils/sortrsf.html
  • executable is located at $RIGI/bin/sortrsf

This tool is part of rigiutils, see RigiReleases.

Actually, sortrsf and HtmlRSF are mostly equivalent in functionality, except for htmlrsf's ability to create HTML files.

Typical usage scenarios:

To transform a file from 4-tuple unstructured RSF to (3-tuple) unstructured RSF:

  • sortrsf < in.rsf > out.rsf
(As a side effect, the file gets sorted and duplicate entries get reomoved!)

To sort a 4-tuple unstructured RSF (and to keep the format):

  • sortrsf -4 < in.rsf > out.rsf