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Similix is an autoprojector (self-applicable partial evaluator) for a large higher-order subset of the strict functional language Scheme. Similix treats source programs that use a limited class of side-effects, for instance input/output operations. Similix handles partially static data structures.

Similix is automatic: in general, no user annotations (such as unfolding information) are required; user assistance may in some cases be required to avoid looping, however. Similix gives certain guarantees concerning the residual programs it generates: computations are never discarded (partial evaluation thus preserves termination properties) and never duplicated.

Similix is well-suited for partially evaluating interpreters that use environments represented as functions and interpreters written in continuation passing style. Since Similix is self-applicable, stand-alone compilers can be generated from interpreters.

Similix is highly portable. It conforms to the IEEE and R4RS Scheme standards, but it also runs under R3RS Scheme.

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