Sculptor Decompiler

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Sculptor and Realizer

Here is information about two decompilers which were written in Spain. The first is a decompiler written in 1989 for a 4th generation language called Sculptor (also referred to as Sage and Sagerep), for the development of information systems (that is similar to a context-free RPG II). This is a true case in which the development of a decompiler was required due to a huge loss of the originals and backups of an important program. The company for which it was developed exists no more.

The second decompiler is for Computer Associates Realizer 2.0, which is the Visual Basic of Computer Associates (considering Visual Objects is their xBase product). Realizer is very close in everything to VB 3.0 and surpasses it in included components, being overall superior, but it didn't got so much popularity: it includes reporter, screen painter, configuration control and version tools (these tools were written in Realizer itself) and features custom controls, databases and ODBC, etc. This language is scarcely used now.

Besides these two decompilers, an attempt was made to develop a decompiler for COBOL as a hobby project, but it was abandoned due to a lack of knowledge of COBOL.