Donating AGrammar With CVS

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This page describes how to donate your grammar to the GrammarBase? by adding it to the central CVS repository. It requires write permission the the GrammarBase? source repository.

Donating with CVS

Since the GrammarBase? is FreeSoftware, you should accept that after donating, your grammar becomes FreeSoftware as well.

To add a grammar '<g>' with version '<v>' to the GrammarBase? repository you should do the following:

: 1. Add the directories grammars/<g>.<v> and grammars/<g>.<v>/data to the repository: cvs add grammars/<g>.<v> cvs add grammars/<g>.<v>/data

: 2. Add all required files to the CVS repository: cd grammars/<g>.<v> cvs add <g>.spec README.src *.sdf cd data cvs add *.<suffix>

: Here *.<suffix> denotes all files with the suffix as defined for the grammar in <g>.spec.

: 3. Commit all changes to the central CVS repository: cvs commit

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