Decompiler Andromeda Test

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The Andromeda Decompiler is not available to the public at present, so the only example of its use is usually limited to the very impressive demo program. I asked the author to compile the switch test program; here is the result:

void sub_401080(DWORD arg_4)
   DWORD   var_c;
   switch (arg_4)
   case 7:
      var_c = "Seven!";
      goto loc_4010D0;
   case 6:
      var_c = "Six!";
      goto loc_4010D0;
   case 5:
      var_c = "Five!";
      goto loc_4010D0;
   case 4:
      var_c = "Four!";
      goto loc_4010D0;
   case 3:
      var_c = "Three!";
      goto loc_4010D0;
   case 2:
      var_c = "Two!";
      puts((void *)var_c);
   var_c = "Other!";
   goto loc_4010D0;

This will compile with little effort, and looks like it will run correctly. Obviously, the goto statements are unfortunate. However, this is possibly because the author has not tested before on gcc-compiled input programs.

I'm not sure where the binary for this program came from; it is in a file called switch_gcc.dc. To give some idea of the original binary, this is the assembler view:

sub_401080   proc near
  mov    [eax], ebp
  mov    eax, 0
  mov    ebp, esp
  sub    esp, 8
  and    esp, 0FFFFFFF0h
  mov    [eax-4], ebx
  mov    ebx, [eax+8]
  call   sub_401440
  call   __main
  cmp    ebx, 7
  ja     loc_4010E0
  T32 = ebx * 4, T32 = &off_4010A8 + T32, (*T32)
  mov    dword ptr [eax], offset aSeven
  jmp    loc_4010D0

  mov    dword ptr [eax], offset aSix
  jmp    loc_4010D0
  mov    fdword ptr [eax], offset aTwo
  call   puts
  mov    ebx, [eax-4]
  mov    eax, 0
  mov    esp, ebp
  mov    ebp, [eax]

  mov    dword ptr [eax], offset aOther
  jmp    loc_4010D0
sub_401080   endp

This assembler code is like nothing I've seen; I suspect that esp is being displayed as eax and possibly some instructions are displayed out of sequence. This was from version 0.62; unfortunately the .dc file won't read in later versions of the GUI.

It's a real shame that this decompiler doesn't seem to have progressed since May 2005.

-- MikeVanEmmerik - 24 Mar 2007