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Papers evaluating the risks and opportunities of DSLs are discussed in the DSLAnnotatedBibliography. This page contains several DSLBibliographyAdditions presenting other pros and cons. Feel free to add your own pointers to other papers of interest (preferably with summary / annotation)!

From DiomidisSpinellis:

Diomidis Spinellis. Reliable software implementation using domain specific languages. In G. I. Schueller and P. Kafka, editors, Proceedings of The Tenth European Conference on Safety and Reliability, pages 627-631, Munich-Garching, Germany, September 1999. ESRA, VDI, TUM, A. A. Balkema. http://softlab.icsd.aegean.gr/~dspin/pubs/conf/1999-ESREL-SoftRel/html/dsl.html