Nice Meeting 2019

Working Group on Language Design

The hotel booking form is attached at the bottom. In response to concerns about sending credit card details by email, there are two options:

  1. The card number of the form is only used as a guarantee, so people that can generate a unique card number can use this method safely.
  2. People can directly transfer the money (I have used transferwise recently and it is a very effective and cheap way to send money abroad) to the hotel bank account. The hotel bank account references are included at the end of this mail. They will STILL HAVE to fill and send the form, without their card number but with the reference of the transfer.

If you prefer option 2) the hotel recommends that they only transfer the money at the end of September or beginning of October.

Members attending

Name Affiliation Country Member Since
Andrew P. Black Portland State University USA 2011
Gilad Bracha Shape Security USA 2011
Edwin Brady University of St. Andrews UK 2015
Kim Bruce Pomona College USA 2011
Sylvan Clebsch Microsoft Research Cambridge UK 2019
Luke Church U. Cambridge UK 2017
Jonathan Edwards   USA 2011
Matthias Hauswirth University of Lugano CH 2018
Roberto Ierusalimschy PUC-Rio BR 2014
Jan-Willem Maessen Oracle USA 2011
Klaus Ostermann University of Marburg DE 2015
François Pottier INRIA FR 2018
Manuel Serrano INRIA FR 2016
Tijs van der Storm CWI & University of Groningen NL 2013