Rule Accepted Papers

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The following papers have been accepted for the Workshop on Rule Based Programming 2002. A program will be available soon.

  • Ralf Laemmel
    Towards Generic Refactoring

  • Olivier Michel and Jean-Louis Giavitto
    Pattern-matching and Rewriting Rules for Group Indexed Data-Structure

  • Ralf Laemmel, Joost Visser
    Design Patterns for Functional Strategic Programming

  • Bernhard Gramlich, Salvador Lucas
    Simple Termination of Context-Sensitive Rewriting

  • Martin Erwig, Deling Ren
    A Rule-Based Language for Programming Software Updates

  • Grigore Rosu
    On Implementing Behavioral Rewriting

  • Tim Menzies, Linday Mason
    Some Prolog Macros for Rule-Based Programming: Why? How?

  • Alan Abrahams, David Eyers, Jean Bacon
    An asynchronous rule-based approach for business process automation using obligations.