Rigi Install

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This topic provides information for users of Rigi binary distributions. See also RigiDevelopment if you work with Rigi's source code.

Installing RigiEdit basically means that you have to extract the contents of the archive (ZIP, tar, etc.) into a new directory. This directory is referred to as $RIGI.

Linux with (ba)sh:

> mkdir rigibase
> cd rigibase
> export RIGI=`pwd`
> export PATH=$RIGI/bin:$PATH
> wget http://www.rigi.cs.uvic.ca/downloads/rigi/ix86-linux2/rigiedit-12-Jan-2003-bin.tar.gz
> gunzip rigiedit-12-Jan-2003-bin.tar.gz
> tar xvf rigiedit-12-Jan-2003-bin.tar

To set the environment variables RIGI and PATH for tcsh, replace the above two lines with:

> setenv RIGI `pwd`
> set path=($RIGI/bin$path)


You need to set the following system environment variables:

Variable Example
RIGI C:\Rigi
TCL_LIBRARY %RIGI%\lib\tcl8.4
TK_LIBRARY %RIGI%\lib\tk8.4
Path %RIGI%\bin

You can include the following lines into the autoexec.bat:

rem following lines are related to RIGI
set RIGI=c:/rigi
set TCL_LIBRARY=%RIGI%/lib/tcl7.4
set TK_LIBRARY=%RIGI%/lib/tk4.0

General Troubleshooting

  • (No problems reported yet.)

Troubleshooting for Windows

  • Make sure that the path where you install Rigi does not contain white spaces. If white spaces are in the path you see an error message such as the following:
Welcome to RigiEdit Version 12-Jan-2003
Copyright 1986-1998,
H.A. Muller, University of Victoria, All rights reserved
Configuration used: C:/...path with white spaces.../rigicfg.env
rigiedit error: failure to evaluate RIGISTY
rigiedit error: wrong # args: should be "source fileName"
rigiedit error: exec_command(canvas_build .window1 1 "" 500 400 1280 1024 0 185)

Troubleshooting for Linux

  • (No problems reported yet.)