Rigi Development

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This topic provides information for Rigi developers that work with source code. See RigiInstall if you work with Rigi's precompiled distributions.

Compilation of RigiEdit

Currently RigiEdit uses Tcl and Tk version 8.4. If these are not installed on your system, you first have to download and compile them.

In the Rigi/rigiedit directory:

  • Run autoconf to generate the configure file. (Autoconf automatically takes as input Rigi/rigiedit/configure.in
  • Run configure:
    • Maybe config.sh does the trick for you
    • Or run configure manually, but you have to set quite a lot of configuration parameters


Whenever you make a change to RCL files, run auto_mkindex to update the tclIndex file. For example:

  • auto_mkindex /mypath/Rigi/rigiedit/Rigi/rcl *.rcl

More information about auto_mkindex can be found here: http://www.tcl.tk/man/tcl8.4/TclCmd/library.htm#M9